We are a small, grass roots; non-profit corporation organized by two Iraq war veterans who wish to pay tribute to the sacrifices of what we are calling the “New Greatest Generation”. We are the grand children and largely, the great grand children of the World War II Generation, often referred to as the Greatest Generation and deservedly so.

We are 19 years to 40 years old or maybe 22 years old to 42 years old. We are not a single generation, or a single gender or a specific race. We are neither rich nor poor. However, we are all Americans. We are the “all volunteer” military and who either joined the armed forces after September 11, 2001 or decided to continue our service afterwards, knowing full well what road lay ahead and the battle we will have to fight.

We understand the difference between idealism and realism. We have battle-honed skills, motivation, talent and professional competence. We are the people that will shape the 21st century for our own grand children. We will go to college or back to our jobs, families and a familiar way of life. We will take our service and education to help build a strong, prosperous nation that maintains the moral obligation to be a world leader.

We do not believe that we are a nation in decline, but rather that the United States of America is the greatest nation of earth and we are the New Greatest Generation.


Our mission is to recognize, honor and pay tribute to the Warriors who have given their life on a foreign battlefield since September 11, 2001. We plan to achieve this goal by providing a representation of the Battlefield Cross or other dignified symbol of honor in as many cemeteries, public spaces or locations on private property as permissible. We believe that a permanent, visual memorial would serve as a reminder that the United States of America is still Freedoms Home and Protector. We would also like to place Bronze sculptures of the Battlefield Cross in Veteran Cemeteries as a distinguishing salute to this New Generation of hero’s as we lay them to rest beside the hero’s of the past.

Additionally, as our organization grows and our capabilities increase, we would like to provide assistance to veterans of combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan or neighboring regions in the defense of the United States of America.

At this time we have set our goals high and we face a continuous finical challenge. However, we have established a limited group of products for purchase, of which 100% of all net proceeds would go to our stated goal. We also accept and encourage donations as a way of support for our organization. Please view our Store page and Donation page for more information on these items.
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